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RSD's ABEdit Software - EQ Window

In the output window when the EQ icon is clicked, this window comes up. For each fader there can be up to 7 bands of EQ. The global limit is 96 bands on the AudioBox. In the top window, parameters for each individual band is displayed and in the bottom window is the combined EQ graph.

EQ Window

The frequency range is 20Hz to 20kHz.The range is 0.5 to 50.The dynamic range is +/-20dB.

RSD's ABEdit Software - Delay Window

Delay Window

In the input or output window, when the number below the "D" is clicked, this window appears. The total budget for delay is 5.2 seconds or 5200 milliseconds. This can be distributed in any configuration. In other words, you can put the entire 5200ms delay on one channel if you wish.

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