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RSD's ABEdit Software - Snapshot Window

In the input, output, or crosspoint window when the camera icon is clicked, a snapshot window appears.

Snapshot Window

This window lets the user determine which elements are to be recorded simultaneously. Rather than record each individual move while in the Capture Edit window, this function allows the user to simply check off which variables are to be snapshot in one move.

The top row is to select which channels are to be recorded. There are then boxes for level, EQ, Mute, Solo, Delay, and Delay value. The "Use AutoPans" check box means that the AutoPan values (if they are anything but zero) will also get recorded into the messages.

The left column is a template viewer and editor. The user can add, remove, or update a template as well as make any template the default.

When Save Snapshot is clicked, the option comes up to name a particular snapshot. Then the user is prompted to select into which cue the snapshot will be pasted.

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