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RSD's SoundMan-Designer Software for SoundMan-Server/AudioBox II - Show Editor Window

The Show Editor window is where the show is programmed and edited.

Show Editor Window

Output selector at the top left sets the output port for testing and playing cues and messages.

The left pane displays the expandable tree view of all currently loaded shows.

The right pane displays the detailed contents of the left pane's selection, as shown in the top of each pane in Show\List\Path\Cue order.

Back to Parent The 'Back to Parent' button sets the view to the next highest level.

Editing Buttons These buttons provide standard Cut/Copy/Paste functions.

Send Messages Button The 'Send Messages' function sends all [multi]selected messages to SoundMan-Assistant/SoundMan-Server/AudioBox II, ignoring message times.

Play Cue Button The 'Play Cue' function displays and plays the cue with message times. All timed fades and waits will play in real time.

Capture MIDI Button The 'Capture MIDI' function records messages coming in from the MIDI IN port of SoundMan-Designer/SoundMan-Server/AudioBox II and pastes them into a cue with or without message times.

Record Actions Button The 'Record SoundMan-Designer Actions' function captures all moves as messages and pastes them into a cue with or without message times.

Move Message Buttons These buttons move messages up or down in the window. Messages can also be dragged and dropped.

Message Control Buttons 'Add New Message,' 'Edit Message,' 'Delete Message(s)' and 'Insert New Message.'

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