Joel Scannell / Yankee Music

My name is Joel Scannell and I was born in Detroit on the 1st of August, 1953. I'm a professional musician/composer/arranger and have lived and worked in the Netherlands since 1981. Yankee Music is my "one-man-company" (a Dutch legal term literally translated). My work is focused on creative audio, sound design, and compositions and arrangements for diverse media, styles and instrumentation.

work experience:

I was born into a musical family and have been performing in public since the age of seven. Theater is in my blood.

from 1988 to 1993:

I was employed by B & M Produkties as composer/arranger/producer/technician. While under contract to them I created many jingles and commercials for radio and TV and first tasted the waters of sound-design and folie, creating sfx for these and other wide ranging audio projects.

from 1993 to the present day:

Now working freelance, I've composed/produced music for Robert Paul's one man musicals and for diverse industrial projects, and have written arrangemants for Lee Towers, Bart van Lier and others. In the world of sound design, I've worked on the sfx for the TV program Waku Waku and for Kindernet and the above mentioned industrial projects also contained special sfx which I designed.

I'm also conductor/arranger for an a cappella ladies choir. Some of these arrangements are of well known works that are now duty-free. They are suitable for amateurs and can be quite challenging. You can email me for more information if you're interested.


I'm computer based (Mac OS) in my home. I work with Turbo Synth, Meta Synth, Pro Tools, Cubase, Prosoniq, Waves, Finale etc.


Because of my varied background I have a lot to offer anyone with a creative project who needs a team player with experience and guts.