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Sound Designers - Canada

Susanne Mae Clampett
Darren Copeland
Jean-Pierre Côté
Rob Hanson
David Hudgins
Martin Leese
Scott Matthews
John Mills-Cockell
Charlie Richmond
Jeremy Short
Barry Truax

Other Resources - Canada

Acoustic Sciences Corporation
Adamson Acoustic Design Corporation
Allstar Show Industries Inc.
AFM - American Federation of Musicians
Annex Pro
Arnscott Electronics Inc.
Associated Designers of Canada
Axe Audio Visual Systems
Barron Kennedy Lyzun & Associates Ltd.
Bryston Limited - amps, pre-amps, electronic cross-overs
Bulmer Martin Gauthier Consultants Inc.
Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
Clarity Designs
Classic Organ Works
Commercial Electronics Ltd.
Crescit Software
Decade Transmitters - low power professional FM transmitters
Douglas Welch Design
Dual Audio Services - live sound design and equipment company working primarily with theatre designers and companies
Electrohome Limited
Electronic Arts
Harmonic Functions Inc.
Imax Corporation
Infusion Systems
Inland Audio Visual Limited
Justonic Tuning Inc.
JVC Professional Products - primarily video
Leitch - digital and analog routing switchers, distribution amps, etc.
McCurdy Radio Industries, Limited - broadcast equipment, McCart digital audio storage system
MC2 Consultants
MIDI Solutions
Pacific Music Industry Alliance
Richmond Sound Design - sound & show control systems & software, AudioBox
Rocky Mountain Sound
S F Marketing Inc.
Sheeba Records
Songwriters Association of Canada
Sonic Research Studio
Stratford Festival
Superior Magnetics Ltd.
Tannoy North America Inc.
Tom Lee Music Co. Ltd.
Tourtech East Limited
Theatre Systems
Université du Québec a Montréal sound production and computer technology
Westbury National Show Systems Ltd.
Whiteline Mobile Recording Ltd.
Yorkville Sound - sound reinforcement loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers
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