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Melvyn Poore
Oliver Sampson

Other Resources - Germany

Behringer - manufacturer of audio electronics
Canton - digitally corrected loudspeaker systems
Chainmaster Bühnentechnik GmbH - motors & related equipment for flying and hanging applications
CORDIAL Sound & Audio Equipment - manufacturer of audio cables
Creamware - digital audio hardware and software
Dirk Brauner Röhrengerätemanufaktur - manufacturer of tube/valve microphones
Emagic - computer sound cards and recording software
Hearsafe - devices for in-ear-monitoring and ear-protection
IFB Software - software for loudspeaker mapping
K & M - microphone, speaker and music stands.
KLOTZ Audio Interface Systems GmbH - manufacturer of audio cables
LEMO - manufacturer of connectors
MBHO GmbH - microphone manufacturer
MGM-Cases - manufacturer of flightcases
Microtech Gefell, GmbH - microphone manufacturer
Miller & Kreisel Sound Corp. - studio monitors, sub-woofers, surround sound speakers
Neumann - condenser microphones
OPTICOM - digital measurement systems, MPEG coding systems
ProCase - flight cases
Schoeps - microphones
SEK'D - digital recording hardware and software
Sennheiser - microphones, headphones
Siemens - electronics giant
Steinberg - sequencer software, etc.
Tekniche Inc. - signal conversion and interfacing products for broadcasters, etc.
University of Osnabrück, Research Center "Music & Music Technologies"
Zeck Audio - pro audio manufacturer
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