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Aiphone - intercoms for communications and industry
Akai - digital recorders, samplers
Canare Cable, Inc. - audio and video cables
Casio Computer Co. Ltd.
Fostex - digital and analog recorders of all types, headphones, microphones, loudspeakers
Hitachi, Ltd. - electronics giant
Marantz - CD recorders, portable tape recorders
Maxell Corp. - magnetic recording media
NEC Technologies - major computer manufacturer (PC's)
Otari Corp. - analog and digital recorders, mixers
Panasonic - DAT recorders, mixers and loudspeakers (RAMSA), amps, etc.
RION - makes sound and vibration measurement equipment
Roland - musical instruments, digital samplers, digital recorders, etc.
Sony Corporation
TAD Pioneer - loudspeaker components
Tascam - analog and digital recorders, mixers, electronics
TDK Electronics - analog and digital storage media
TOA Digital - digital mixing systems
Victor Company of Japan (JVC)
Yamaha - studio and sound reinforcement loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers, digital audio processors, microphones, musical instruments....
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