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Sound Designers - UK

Tom Bishop
Graham Bodenham
Ross Brown
Steven Brown
Gareth Fry
Chris Langdon
John Leonard
Scott Myers
Chris Noden
Dave Nolan
Nadine Owen
John Owens
Mic Pool
Matt Rogalsky

Other Resources - UK

Allen & Heath - mixers
Amek Systems & Control Ltd - mixers, studio electronics
AMS Neve - recording consoles and electronics
Artistic License
Association of British Theatre Technicians
Audio Ltd. - wireless mic systems
Audionics - broadcast equipment
Audix - microphones, studio monitors (US web site)
Aura Sound Design - sound design company
Aura Show Control - show control company
Autograph Sound Ltd - theatre sound equipment rentals
Bits & Pieces - digitally recorded sounds
BSS Audio - signal processors, electronic crossovers, etc.
C-Ducer - contact pickups, very small microphones
Cadac - theatre mixers
Canford Audio - audio dealer and rental house
CEL Instruments - noise/sound measurement equipment
Central School of Speech and Drama, London
Daneside Theatre
DDA - mixers
Drawmer - signal processors, compressors, gates...
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Edinburgh Fringe Festival unofficial site
Edinburgh International Festival
Electrosonic Systems - video walls, projection systems (US web site)
Emaginary Music - composition and sound design from corporate multimedia to touring theatre
Flipside - PA systems and loudspeakers
Focusrite - equalizers, comp/limiters, etc., for mastering and studios
GB Audio resources - Free audio resources information and technical reference page
Gallery - manufactures digital recording support products
Genelec - powered studio monitor speakers
Globe Theatre
Bob Hope Theatre
HHB - DAT recorders and tape, hard disk-based recorders, CDR recorders, digital media
ISVR - Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Kelsey Acoustics Ltd. - range of cable and connector based products
Kenton Electronics - MIDI controllers
Klark Teknik - equalizers
LA Audio - analog and digital signal processors, mixers, distribution amps
Logic System - loudspeaker systems
Martin Audio - loudspeaker systems
Meridian Audio
MM Productions - theatre sound equipment sales and rentals
NXT - extremely innovative flat panel loudspeaker technology
Oram Professional Audio - mixers
Out Board Electronics - sound control automation
Philip Rees - MIDI interconnection devices
Professional Light & Sound Association
Richmond Sound Design - sound & show control software & equipment manufacturers & developers
Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama
SADiE - manufacturer of professional audio DAW products
SAM - Serial & MIDI Software - Richard Bleasdale
Sheffield University, Music Department
ShowCAD Control Systems
Sonic Arts Network
Soundcraft - mixers
Soundtracs, Spendor - mixers, studio monitor speakers
Spirit - mixers by Soundcraft
Studio Audio - Sadie DAW software
Studiomaster - mixers
Tannoy - studio monitors
Tannoy - commercial products
Technical Projects, Inc. - intercom systems
Tekniche Inc. - signal conversion and interfacing products for broadcasters, etc.
Thunder Ridge - makes professional loudspeakers
Trantec - radio microphones
Trident - mixing consoles
University of Birmingham, Department of Music, Studio Manager
Verity Systems - CD and DVD duplicators, printers and packaging machines
XTA - analog and digital signal processors for contractors, PA systems, etc
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