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RSD's SoundMan-Designer Software for SoundMan-Server/AudioBox II - VU Meter Window

VU Meter Window

Actual audio input and output levels present at the audio I/O interface are monitored in the VU meter window.

RSD's SoundMan-Designer Software - Status Window

Status Window

The status window appears at the bottom of the screen and monitors the SoundMan/AudioBox II and all Ethernet and MIDI input communications.

Free records how many command buffers are available at any time.

Low records the lowest number of free command buffers experienced during the current session, with zero indicating data overflow.

ENet, MIDI0 and MIDI1 fields record the total number of messages received from these inputs during the session and their status: OK or BAD.

CPU icon displays the amount of work the SoundMan/AudioBox II CPU is performing and the IP number is also displayed.

The Status LED indicates the overall health of the session.

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