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Purpose of the Theatre Sound Design Directory

Richmond Sound Design is committed to supporting Theatre Sound Designers to every extent possible. To that end, we have created this Theatre Sound Design Directory and resource for the benefit and use of all Sound Designers. This is primarily a directory of all sound designers who wish to have their resumes listed, web pages hosted or linked and secondarily a directory of associated sound design resources such as dealers, distributors, representative and manufacturers of theatrical sound equipment and services.

Anyone interested in having a listing in this directory may do so by emailing the administrator, Charlie Richmond, CharlieR 'at' RichmondSoundDesign 'dot' com, with the information and category. You may submit a single html document already formatted and no larger than 20K in size for placement on this web site. We have made arrangements with a streaming server for placement of audio files to complete your portfolio and we will let you know further details about this feature upon request. Links to these files can be placed in your web page.

We reserve the right to edit all material submitted for clarity, correctness and appropriateness. This offer to host web pages may be withdrawn at any time and applies only to materials which we deem to be specifically pertinent to Theatre Sound Design.

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