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!tzalist Computers Directory
AKAI PC software home - includes a freeware sample disk reader
AKAI PC software
Amulet Audio Software
André's Test Page - performance test scores of audio hardware and software
Apogee Software, Ltd - 3D Realms Entertainment
Arboretum Systems, Inc. - signal processing, noise reducton, voice transformation and internet audio enhancement technologies
Australasian Computer Music Association
Bias Inc. - Premiere plug-ins for the Mac
Bill Buxton's web site - interconnection of MIDI devices through a LAN
Cantek - PC vendor
Clark Audio
Computer Audio Directory
Digidesign - digital audio workstations, related products
Digital audio test tones/programs
Digital Audio's web site
Digital Audio Workstation Gadgets - provider of guaranteed DAW's and accessories
Dither or not to dither - that is the question
Dream synth/sampler chips
Enhanced Audio
Mike Feldman's surround sound page
Gadget Labs
Goldenhawk - CD audio extraction program
GranuLab - Granular Synthesis generator
Hammer & Tong Software - Developer of Q-Manager, which automates audio playback through up to sixteen outputs as well as sending and receiving MIDI and MIDI Show Control commands.
Harmonix Music Systems
Hi Tech Cafe
Instock/Buy PC - PC's and accessories
Kenaxis - Kenaxis is a realtime performance software allowing for the use of the laptop in improvisational and compositional settings. This software allows for live sampling and real time sound manipulation including looping, granulation, and convolution. There is also Kenaxis VBAP for surround sound playback: spin, spiral or exact placement of sounds are all possible in realtime.
LA Star - PC's and hard drive accessories
Logic - Logic software
Lossless Compression information
Macintosh Theatre Software - Al Schaefer's Mac Theatre Web Site
Midi Guy - Shareware CD audio extraction program
Minotaur computer information
Mission A/V
MPEG 3 Home - lots of useful audio programs for all platforms
NECX Direct
Net 'n' Dude - Computer tweaks, overclocking
On Sale - Computer clearance house
Optimize SE - Search Engine Optimization - Optimize, Promote, Submit Website for better search engine placement. We are offering professional website promotion and search engine optimization service.
overSYTE - real-time "performance" granulator for the PowerMac
PC AV Tech - performance test scores of over 40 sound cards
PC-DAW Mailing List
PC-DAW Showcase of DAW comparisons
PCNut computer information
Pricescan Search Engine
Pricewatch Search Engine
PC Hardware Guide - techniques for building a great PC for audio
Poiko cd audio extraction program - Shareware CD audio extraction program
Reseller Ratings - ratings of the best sites for purchasing PC stuff
SAWStudio - SAWStudio digital recording software and SAC Virtual Console software
SCSI Pro - SCSI Hard drives and accessories
SEK'D - Samplitude digital recording hardware and software
Shareware Sound Cue System for live theatre productions
Sharky Extreme - Computer tweaks, overclocking
Sonic Foundry - Sound Forge software
Sound On Sound Magazine
Steinberg - Wavelab & Cubase software
Storage Review - benchmarks and reviews of hard disk drives
Syntrillium - Cool Edit software
Tom's Hardware site - Hardware tweaking information, overclocking data
Tracer Technologies
Université du Québec a Montréal sound production and computer technology
USB-Audio web site - reference guide for USB-based computer audio gear
Used Computer Gear - pricing reference guide for used computer equipment
WinRAR compression software for audio files
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