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General References

Sound Design Resources Directory - General References Worldwide

Absolut DJ web site
Ace Software
Analog Synths - Pre-MIDI analog synthesiser gear virtual auctions
Arp Synthesiser site - Arp analog synthesiser gear technology information
Artslynx International Theatre Resources
Auldworks' List of Pro Audio Manufacturers
Aura Bass Shaker
Auricle Online Magazine - 'Aural Culture'
Dennis Bathory's early synth - Pre-MIDI analog synthesiser
Battery information - Characteristics, life expectancy, charge density, etc.
Bibliography of Audio and Sound Books - from simple to complex, covering studios to performance spaces
CD Media World - CD-R repair information
Clean Audio Installation Guide - covers grounding and powering
Copyright information
Copyright information courtesy of RIAA
Copyright information courtesy of A2B Music
Copyright on the internet
Copyright Myths Explained
Copyright protection for music on the internet
Copyrighting with the Secure Digital Music Initiative
Copyrighting via the Free Software Foundation
Cycling '74 web site - MAX/MSP for Windows NT
DAFX98 - Digital Audio FX '98 Barcelona papers published
Decibel technical informations and relationships
Diana Deutsch's Psychoacoustics web site
DigiBid - Online auction of pro audio gear
Earsay - lots of useful audio links
EMF Reduction - products and procedures that provide EMI shielding
ETEC - The Entertainment Technology Commmunications Group
Everything About Anything!
Fair use guidelines for media reuse
Film and sound
Full Compass Systems catalog - Mail orders sales of audio and related equipment
Gaff Tape Web Ring
Ground loop problem solving
Ground loop problem solving
Ground loop problem solving
Ground loop problem solving
Grounding of power distribution systems - a number of papers on this subject and others are provided
High School Theatre Technicians Discussion Group
Hit Parade Music Search
HTML And PHP Scripts - Band Website Design Html Productions
Free HTML and PHP Programming Guides, Lessons and Tutorials
Hyper Real - Pre-MIDI analog synthesiser gear
Tomlinson Holman's TMH-PAN(TM)
John Huntington - articles, links, Show Control information
Kai Harada's Sound Handbook
Intellectual Militia Recordings
Leonardo Electronic Music publications
Loudspeaker layout software - Ulysses - modeling program for laying out loudspeaker configurations for maximum coverage
Ken's Links - Very complete audio & music links!
Leviton Smart Home Structured Wiring - Leviton Home Structured Wiring is the combination of all wiring in the home to form a single network. In structured wiring all the wiring emerges from a central location and runs in pairs.
Live Sound Reference Page
McGill Music Library of the Future
MIDI Protocol Guide
Professional MIDI Guide
MiniDisc Home Page
MiniDisc Organization
MiniDisc repair info (Sony JE510)
Music Gear Mall - clearance prices on musical and audio gear
Musical Instruments Resource Center is a Web site offering one-stop shopping and advice for anyone looking for Musical Instruments - Finding Musical Instruments is now even easier and more enjoyable!
Nightclub and Bar Magazine
Opamp Books - Specializing in sound, audio and acoustics
Opportunities for Composers
Organ Historical Society
Organ Information Site - links, pictures, audio samples and info on all sorts of organs
Our Home Theater - home theater resources galore!
Parts Express - Sales of audio related parts and accessories
Parts Express coupon page
Pavek Museum of Broadcasting Equipment - lots of information about old audio and sound gear
ProNet Guide - lots of information about audio and related web sites
Pro Audio Guide - lots of information about audio products and distribution
Q1 GO - freelance tech theatre notice board for Europe; tech forum
Rane's Audio Glossary
Rane's Audio Links
Shop Safety Manual - Courtesy of Rich Lindsay
Sonic State - Pre-MIDI analog synthesiser gear descriptions and pricing
Sound On Sound Magazine - Good reviews of computer audio equipment
Sound Broker - Sales of pre-owned and discontinued sound equipment
Sound-Design.Org website - maintained by Martin Lukesch in Austria
Sound Design drawing examples - from a simple MD setup to a medium scale musical
SPDIF technical specifications
SPDIF subcode specification
Stage Specs - basic specs for several theatres around the US
Stagecraft Members' Online Portfolios
Steven Brown's theatre sound web information site
Stockhausen interview
Suite Theatre
Surround Pro Magazine Home Page
Surround Sound circuits
Surround Sound circuits
Surround Sound circuits
Surround Sound circuits
Sweets Directory - Listings of suppliers to the construction industry
Symbol Library for MiniCAD and VectorWorks
Symbol Library for MacDraw - courtesy of Matthew Parker
Symbol Library for Visio - courtesy of Robert S. Ely
Symbols for Making Orchestra Pit Plots in Visio - courtesy of Richard B. Ingraham
Synergetic Audio Concepts (Syn-Aud-Con)
Synth Foolery - Pre-MIDI analog synthesiser gear
Synth Museum - Pre-MIDI analog synthesiser gear
Synth Site at Harmony-Central - Pre-MIDI analog synthesiser gear
Telephone interface problem solving
Telephones and how they work
Telephones and how they work
Theatre Architecture Resources
Theatre Sound Jobs available in the US
Theatre Sound Mailing List and Resources Page
Tinnitus Relief Formulas - Alpha Tinnitus Relief Formula capsules are specifically formulated to systematically and effectively relieve tinnitus and Meniere's Disease
Tinnitus Treatment - Tinnitus treatment remedies to effectively and safely relieve tinnitus and Meniere's Disease
Trifield - Ambisonic information and patents
Vintage Microphone Photos - with dates
Vintage Synthesiser site - Pre-MIDI analog synthesiser gear
Virtual Sound Source Positioning and Mixing in 5.1
WAV to MIDI converter - Freeware
Whistling Man web site - He can whistle anything you want including bird calls
Wireless Mics - FCC regulations
Wireless Mics and Digital Television concerns
Wireless Mics and Digital Television channels in use
Wireless Mic frequencies around the world
Wireless Mics - useful tips and frequency compatibility
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