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Sound Design Resources Directory - Manufacturers Worldwide

360 Systems - Digi-Cart audio playback systems
Aardvark - digital signal processors, sample rate converters, distribution amps
Abaco Music Library - production music on CD's
AB International - power amps
ACO Pacific, Inc. - measurement microphones
Acoustic Research Labs, Pty. Ltd. - environmental noise & vibration instrumentation
Acoustic Technologies - loudspeakers, mixers, amplifiers
Acoustical Solutions, Inc. - sound control and noise reduction products
Acoustics First Corp. - sound absorption and control products
Acoustic Sciences Corp. - ASC tube traps (sound absorption/diffusion)
Acoustic Systems - soundproof doors and windows for studios
Acoustone - speaker grills
Acutron Electroacustica Lda. - mixers, electronics
ACX - engineering services and components for motion control systems
Adamson Acoustic Design Corporation - loudspeakers
Adaptec - SCSI products, CD recording hardware/software
AdB Digital International - digital sound cards
ADC Telecommunications - audio & video interconnects, data transfer products
AEI Music Network, Inc. - custom composed music
Alcons Audio - manufacturer of professional sound systems, featuring proprietary pro-ribbon technology
Anthony DeMaria Labs - tube mic pre's, compressors, direct boxes
Aiphone - intercoms for communications and industry
Akai USA - digital recorders, samplers
AKG Acoustics - microphones, mic stands, headphones
Alcorn McBride & Associates, Inc. - audio and show control
Alesis - digital and analog processors, mixers, studio monitors
Allen & Heath - mixers
Altec Lansing - loudspeakers for movie theaters, live sound, studio monitors
Altech Systems - MIDI interfaces for PC's and Mac's
AlterMedia - "Studio Suite" studio management software
Amek Technology Group - mixers, studio electronics
Amplivox - sound systems for multi-media presentations
AMS Neve - recording consoles and electronics
AMT - Applied Microphone Technology, Inc.
AMX/Panja Corp. - control systems hardware & software
Analog Devices - analog and digital circuit products
Anchor Audio - portable sound systems
Antares Systems - digital signal processing software for pro-audio
Antex Digital Audio - digital sound cards
Anthro Corp. - "technology furniture"--computer carts, etc.
Aphex Systems Ltd. - signal processors, compressors/limiters
API Audio - large mixing consoles, "lunch box" signal processors
Apogee Digital - digital audio converters, processors
Apogee Sound, Inc. - speakers and amplifiers
Apple Computer
Applied Microphone Technology - instrument microphones for woodwind, brass, strings, percussion and fretted instruments
ART - signal processors, microphone pre-amps
Artistic License - MIDI equipment
ARX Systems, Inc. - amps, speakers, signal processors, cinema sound equipment
Ashly Audio - amplifiers, equalizers, etc.
Astatic - microphones (division of CTI-CAD mics, etc.)
ATI-Audio Technologies, Inc. - mixers and signal processing equipment
Atlas/Soundolier - mic stands & accessories, speaker stands
ATM Flyware - loudspeaker rigging equipment
ATMOS Console - Atmos 5.1 surround sound recording console
Audio Accessories, Inc. - manufacturers of audio jack panels and cords
Audio Centron - sound reinforcement products
Audio Ltd. - wireless mic systems
Audio Precision - audio test equipment
Audio Processing Technology - broadcast equipment, codecs, ISDN, etc.
Audio-Technica - microphones, headphones, phono cartridges
Audio Toys - mixers, signal processors
Audio Upgrades - component level upgrades for pro recording gear
AudioBox - digital theatre audio playback and matrix
AudioControl Industrial - equalizers, RTA's
Audiomatica - pro and consumer audio, PC based test gear
Audionics - broadcast equipment
Audix USA - microphones, studio monitors (US web site)
Auralex Acoustics, Inc. - sound absorption and diffusion products, info on sound proofing and studio construction techniques
AuraSound - Electrotec speaker components
Avalon Design - audio processors, mic pre's, etc.
AVenger Systems
- show control Avid - video editing workstations, owner of Digidesign
AVM Technology - computer sound cards
AXI Marketing - distributor for Dynaudio speakers, Chord electronics, Reamp
Ayre Amplifiers
Azden - wireless mics, etc.
Bang & Olufsen - award winning stereo equipment
BBE Sound Inc. - "sonic maximizers", pre-amps, active DI's
Behringer - audio electronics
Belden Wire and Cable - major manufacturer of audio/video cables
Benchmark Media Systems - Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog converters
Beyma Loudspeakers - OEM manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers
BGW Systems - amplifiers
Biamp Systems - recording & broadcast equipment
Bits & Pieces - digitally recorded sounds
Black Audio Devices - a battery-operated mic pre-amp with 48V phantom, a 27 ft. tall mic stand, other interesting stuff.
Bose Corporation - loudspeakers for sound reinforcement and cinema, acoustical modeling systems
Brüel & Kjær - high quality microphones for audio measurement (see DPA Microphones for recording mics), test equipment
Bryston Limited - amps, pre-amps, electronic cross-overs
BSS Audio - signal processors, electronic crossovers, etc.
BST - CD players, turntables, amps, mixers, loudspeakers
C-Ducer - contact pickups, very small microphones
Cabbage Cases - custom-built shipping and transport cases
CAD/Equitek - microphones
Cadac - theatre mixers
CAIG Laboratories - chemicals for cleaning and maintaining audio contacts and switches
Cakewalk Software - digital audio and midi software; PC based
Calzone Cases - equipment transport cases
Canare Cable, Inc. - audio and video cables
Canton - digitally corrected louspeaker systems
Chaparral Communications - satellite receivers, codecs, etc.
Carver Professional - amplifiers
Carvin Corp. - mixers, amps, portable sound systems, guitars
Casio Computer Co. Ltd.
CCS Europe - codecs for ISDN
CEDAR Audio, Ltd. - digital sound restoration systems
CEL Instruments - noise/sound measurement equipment
Chapman Remote Mast - remotely controlled microphone stand Inc.")
Classic Organ Works
Clear-Com Production Intercom Systems - communications systems for live theater and other applications
ClearSonic Mfg. - see-through gobos for live performance
C M Automation
C M Loadstar - motors & related equipment for flying and hanging applications
CATT - software for room acoustics prediction, etc.
CobraNet - proprietary audio network
Coleman Audio - monitor switcher, test equipment
Community - sound reinforcement loudspeakers, especially large horn-loaded systems
COMTEK Inc. - wireless mics and comm. systems
Comrex - broadcast equipment, codecs, etc.
CopyPro - stand-alone CD-R replicators, diskette duplicators
Cord-Lox - velcro cable ties
Countryman - miniature microphones, D.I.'s, phantom power supplies
Cox Audio/V-Dosc - sound reinforcement loudspeakers
Crane Song - mic pre-amps, processors
Creamware - digital audio hardware and software
Creative Labs - SoundBlaster audio cards for PC's
Crest Audio - amplifiers, mixers, audio control systems
Crown International, Inc. - amplifiers, microphones, test equipment
CSI/SPECO - industrial audio, video and test equipment
Dan Dugan Sound Design - automatic mixers for broadcast and other uses. (Also, a Nagra repair service, pro-tape supplies, etc.)
Danish Pro Audio - Microphones
D.A.S. Audio - sound reinforcement loudspeakers and electronics (Spain-distrib. in U.S. by Sennheiser)
Dataton - computer control systems
dB Technologies - analog to digital and digital to analog converters
dbx professional - compressors, limiters, other signal processors
DDA - mixers
Decoustics - assisted reverberation
Demeter Amplification - mic pre-amps, compressors, direct boxes
Digidesign - digital audio workstations, related products
Digital Domain
Digigram - PC sound cards for broadcast applications
Digital Designs - loudspeakers for studio, autos, etc.
Digital Excellence - CD and video-disc replicator
Digital Force, Ltd. - CD replicator
DigiTech - digital delays, effects, etc.
Digital Audio Labs - PC sound cards (Card D, V8, etc.)
Digital Audio Workstation Gadgets - provider of guaranteed DAW's and accessories
Digital Domain - Digital mastering
Dirk Brauner Roehrengerätemanufactur - tube/valve microphones
DiscMakers - independent CD replicator
Disc Manufacturing, Inc. - also known as CINRAM, CD-DVD replication
DOD - equalizers, signal processors, mixers, etc.
Dolby Laboratories Inc. - info about Dolby products (surround processors, etc.), technical articles, etc.
DPA Microphones, A/S - distributors of the former B & K recording microphones
Drawmer - signal processors, compressors, gates...
DTS - surround sound processors for digital cinema, DVD, etc.
E-Mu Systems, Inc. - digital audio samplers, synthesizers
Earthworks - microphones, mic pre-amps
EAW - Eastern Acoustic Works - sound reinforcement loudspeakers of all sizes.
Ego-Sys - PCMCIA analog & digital audio/MIDI boxes
Electrohome Limited - video monitors and projectors
Electronic Arts - software, developers
Electronic Specialists - AC line surge protectors and filters
Electrosonic Systems - video walls, projection systems
Electrovoice - microphones, loudspeakers
Emagic - computer sound cards and recording software
Ensoniq - digital audio workstations, musical instruments, semiconductors, multimedia products
Equi=Tech - balanced AC power supplies
EuPhonics, Inc. - manufacturer of synth chips for computer sound cards
EuPhonix, Inc. - digitally controlled analog audio mixers
Europadisk, Ltd. - CD mastering and replication
Event Electronics - studio monitors, Rode microphones, computer sound cards and related hardware
Eventide - audio and video delay lines, logging recorders, effects processors
EVI-Audio - Klark-Teknik, Midas, Electro-Voice and others
EVS Metal - Rack mount computers
Fairlight - digital audio workstations
Fatman - MIDI music software
Fender - guitar amps, mixers and other electronics (aimed at musicians)
Flight Form Cases, Inc. - protective cases, including custom designs
Flipside - PA systems and loudspeakers
Focusrite - equalizers, comp/limiters, etc., for mastering and studios
Fohhn - battery powered and wireless loudspeakers
Fostex - digital and analog recorders of all types, headphones, microphones, loudspeakers
Frontier - PC Audio
Furman Sound - AC power conditioning equipment, signal processors and electronics
Future Sonics - in ear monitoring systems.
Gabriel Audio - sound reinforcement loudspeakers
Gallery - digital recording support products
Gauss - manufacturer of professional loudspeaker drivers, part of EVI.
Gemini - DJ equipment--turntables, CD players, mixers, amps (also contains links and info of general interest to DJ's)
Genelec - powered studio monitor speakers
Gepco International - audio and video cables
Gentner Communications - audio/telephone interface equipment
Ghielmetti - patch bays
Gibson - guitars
Glyph Technologies, Inc. - hard drives and media for digital audio and video
GML - George Massenburg Labs - makes discrete signal processing equipment
Gold Aero
Gold Line (Loft) - audio test equipment
Goldpoint - ladder-type stepped attenuators for audio applications
GoldWave - digital audio editing software
Grace Design - microphone pre-amps
Graham-Patten Systems Inc. - designs and produces professional audio mixing systems for video applications
Groove Tubes Audio - tube microphones
Grozier Technical Systems - manufactures systems that are designed to assist music venues in the control of sound emissions
Hafler - powered monitor speakers, amplifiers
Hannay Reels - cable reels
Harman International Industries - Owner of many audio brand names
Harmonic Design - add-on-products for MLSSA
Harmonic Functions Inc. - AudioBox manufacturers
Harrison - automated consoles for live sound and recording
HDCD/Pacific Microsonics - enhanced CD encode-decode, hardware and licensing
Hearsafe - devices for in-ear-monitoring and ear-protection
HHB - DAT recorders and tape, hard disk-based recorders, CDR recorders, digital media
Hitachi America, Ltd. - U.S. arm of the Japanese electronics giant
Hollywood Edge - sound effects libraries on CD's
Hosa Technology - audio interconnects of all kinds
HSA - makes roll-top desks and racks for audio/video equipment mounting
HpW Works - Spectrum Analyzer for Windows
Hughes/JVC - light valve projectors
Illbruck - Sonex acoustical products
Imation - computer storage devices and media
Imax Corporation - multichannel film audio
Industrial Acoustics Company - noise lock doors, soundproofing products
Infusion Systems - MIDI controllers
IQS - Innovative Quality Software - digital audio editing software
Inovonics Inc. - signal processing equipment
Intelix - audio mixers for broadcasters
Invisible Stereo - unique in-wall loudspeakers
IRP - Industrial Research Products - manufactures a complete line of automated audio products
Ivie Technologies - audio test instruments, signal processing equipment
JBL Professional - loudspeakers for sound reinforcement, studio monitors, amplifiers, audio test equipment (JBL Smaart System)
Jensen Audio Transformers - signal transformers
Jim Gamble Associates - large mixing consoles
J. L. Cooper Electronics - MIDI equipment
JLI Electronics - cable testers and related products, power supplies/card frames for TOA modules
Joemeek - mic pre's, compressors, etc.
Josephson Engineering - microphones
JVC Professional Products - primarily video
J. W. Davis & Company - manufacturer and distributor of commercial audio products
Jump! Music - MIDI music
Justonic Tuning Inc. - MIDI software
K&M - microphone, speaker and music stands.
Kaba - cassette duplication equipment
Kelsey Acoustics Ltd. - range of cable and connector based products
Kenton Electronics - MIDI controllers
Klark Teknik - equalizers
Klipsch Professional - loudspeakers for live sound, cinema speakers
Kodak - CD-R media
Kopier-Bar Microphones - OKM Binaural Microphones for in-ear recording
Korg USA - digital recording systems & musical instruments
KRK Systems - studio monitors
Kurzweil - synthesizers and midi-based musical instruments
LA Audio - analog and digital signal processors, mixers, distribution amps
Lab Gruppen - amplifiers
Lake DSP North America - digital audio
LARES - Lexicon - acoustic reinforcement and enhancement systems
Lawson - microphones
Lectrosonics - wireless microphones
Level Control Systems - computerized systems for sound control
Leitch - digital and analog routing switchers, distribution amps, etc.
Lexicon, Inc. - reverbs, digital signal processors, surround sound, etc.
Liberty Instruments - audio test gear
Line 6
LinearX - software for audio measurement and component design
Littlite - miniature lights for racks, mixers, etc.
Liquid Audio - internet audio delivery systems
Logic System - loudspeaker systems
Logitek - audio level displays, consoles, sample rate converters, routing switches
Lundahl - audio transformers
Lynx Studio Technology, Inc. - PC digital audio
Mach Speakers - loudspeakers for sound-reinforcement and P.A. uses
Mackie - mixers, amps, monitor speakers
MacPherson - sound reinforcement loudspeakers
MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK - Yellow Pages Industrial Directory
Manley Laboratories, Inc. - microphones, mic pre's, signal processors
Marantz - CD recorders, portable tape recorders
Mark of the Unicorn, Inc. - software for audio recording
Martech - mic pre-amps
Martin Audio - loudspeaker systems
Maxell Corp. of America - tape, disks, a very good section on CD-R recording.
Mayah Communications - MPEG audio codec and editing software for Pentium PCs.
Mayhew & Company - repair of HME, Sennheiser & Telex wireless
McCauley Sound - loudspeaker components
McCurdy Radio Industries, Limited - broadcast equipment, McCart digital audio storage system
MediaForm - CD-R duplicators
Mediatrix Inc. - computer sound cards and device controllers
Memory Media - recordable CD's and CD printers
Meridian Audio
Merging Technologies - digital audio software
Merlin - integrated signal processing products for sound contractors
Metric Halo Laboratories, Inc. - Spectrafoo PC-based audio analysis system
Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc. - loudspeakers for sound reinforcement, studio monitors, sound measurement equipment
Micro-Coax - Flexible, Semi-Rigid, Utiflex, Utiform, Dielectric Coaxial Cable
Micro Technology Unlimited - digital audio workstations
Micro Sound - digital audio workstations
Microboards Technology, Inc. - CD-R duplicators
Microtech Gefell, GmBH - recording microphones
Microtech Gefell, GmBH - microphones
Midas - mixers
MidiMan, Inc. - digital audio and midi hardware and software
MidiMan, Inc. - digital audio and midi hardware and software
MIDI Solutions Inc. - MIDI processing hardware
Milab AB - microphones
Miles Technology, Inc. - amplifiers, distribution amps, mixers, processors
Millenia Media - microphone pre-amps and mixers
Miller & Kreisel Sound Corp. - studio monitors, sub-woofers, surround sound speakers
Minnetonka Audio Software - PC-based DAW hardware and software
Mipro - wireless microphones
MM Productions - theatre sound equipment sales and rentals
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Molex, Inc. - electronic and fiber-optic interconnect products (includes a glossary of fiber-optic terms)
Monster Cable - audio cables of all types
Motion Labs - electrical distribution and motor control products--for stage rigging systems, etc.
Musicam USA - broadcast codecs
Mytek Digital - digital to analog converters, digital meters, digital interfaces; headphone mixer
Nady Systems - wireless microphone systems
Nagra - portable analog and digital recorders, for film production, etc.
NEC Technologies - major computer manufacturer (PC's)
Neat-O - CD label and insert kits
Network Production Music - production music, sound effects
Neumann - condenser microphones
Neumann USA - condenser microphones (US web site)
Neutrik - connectors
Neutrik USA - US site of the Swiss connector manufacturer
New Frontier Electronics - AC power protection devices
Nigel B Furniture - modular studio equipment furniture
Non Stop Music - production music library
NXT Loudspeakers - radical new flat panel technology
OAP Audio Products - loudspeakers
OGM Production Music
OmniSound - surround sound panning systems for film post-production
Omnirax - studio furniture
Op Amp Labs - electronic systems and components, mic pre-amps, etc.
Opcode Systems, Inc. - software for midi sequencing and digital audio recording
Opti-Case - equipment cases
OPTICOM - digital measurement systems, MPEG coding systems
Oram Professional Audio - mixers
Orban Broadcast Products - digital audio workstations, signal processing, broadcast signal comp/limiters
OROS - PC-based signal analyzers
Otari Corporation - analog and digital recorders, mixers
Out Board Electronics - sound control automation
Outline Professional Audio - pro equipment
OWI Incorporated - waterproof speaker enclosures, camouflaged speakers
Pacific Research & Engineering - Broadcast equipment
Panasonic - DAT recorders, mixers and loudspeakers (RAMSA), amps, etc.
PAS Loudspeakers - sound reinforcement loudspeakers
PAVO - MIDI and control devices
PC Power & Cooling, Inc. - Quiet PC power supplies
Peak Audio - develops digital audio products for Sound Reinforcement, Recording Studios, and other applications
Peavey Electronics - amps, signal processors, mixers, keyboards, sound reinforcement speakers, microphones and more....
Philip Rees - MIDI interconnection devices
Philips N. V. - co-developer of the CD
Philips US - the Dutch electronics giant's US web site
Pioneer USA, Inc.
Pinnacle Micro, Inc. - computer data storage, CD-ROM writers, etc.
PML - Pearl Microphone Laboratory - microphones
Power Technology - digital audio hardware and software
PreSonus - signal processors, compressor/limiters
Prism Sound - digital signal processors, converters
Pro-Bel - broadcast equipment
ProCase - flight cases
Protron - AudioReality Pro Tools plug-in from Crystal River Engineering
Pure Stereo - parabolic loudspeakers
QSC Audio Products - amplifiers, equalizers, etc.
Quantegy - Ampex tape and recording media
R & R Cases - transport cases, etc.
Radio Design Labs - compact signal processors, mic pre's, etc.
Rane Corporation - equalizers, headphone amps, mic pre-amps, cross-overs, comp/limiters, etc.
Rapco - pro-audio interfaces (Rapco cable), lighting equipment
Rauland-Borg - Healthcare Communications Products
RDL - Radio Design Labs - processors and electronics for broadcast and recording
RealAudio - software for internet audio distribution
Rean Products - patchbays,...
Renkus-Heinz, Inc.
Richmond Sound Design Ltd. - sound & show control hardware, systems and software, AudioBox & SoundMan-Server
RION - sound and vibration measurement equipment
Road Cases USA - large variety of custom and stock cases to musicians, audio, video and production companies
Roland Corporation US - musical instruments, digital samplers, digital recorders, etc.
Roland Corporation - MIDI equipment
Rolls/RFX - (RFX/Bellari) amps, mixers, signal processors aka Award Winning Music - comprehensive Royalty Free Music packages, suited for every musical need
RPG Diffusor Systems - acoustical diffusion and absorption devices
RSP Technologies - mixers, related electronics,
Sabine Musical Manufacturing Company - feedback controllers, digital audio processors
SADiE - manufacturer of professional audio DAW products
SAM - Serial & MIDI Software - Richard Bleasdale
Samson Technologies Corp. - microphones, wireless mics, amps, mixers, processors, etc.
Sascom Marketing Group - distributes Lafont post production consoles, TL Audio tube signal processing equipment, OPtifile console automation and Auga digital audio workstations.
Scala - multimedia software
Scenarist - DVD authoring
Schoeps - microphones
SCS Cases - transport cases of all kinds
SD Systems - manufacturer of instrument microphones
Sennheiser - microphones, headphones
Sennheiser USA - microphones, headphones infrared systems (US web site)
Sensaphonics - in-ear monitors
ServoDrive - subwoofers for large sound reinforcement systems
SESCOM - DI's, level matchers, many other transformer based interface devices
ShowCAD Control Systems - show control
ShowPro MIDI - Windows-based show control software
Shure Brothers, Inc. - microphones, wireless microphones and monitoring equipment, phonograph cartridges, location audio mixers, automated mixers (conference room style), etc. A very well organized site with loads of technical information
SIA Software - makers of JBL Smaart software
Siemens - electronics giant
Silent Systems - Quiet PC power supplies
Silicon Graphics - video editing systems
Simon-Kaloi Engineering - digital sound & motion control equipment
SKB Cases - light weight transport cases
Snell Acoustics
Solid Audio - manufacturer of sound equipment for theaters
Solid State Logic - studio recording consoles, post-production consoles
Sonic Foundry - digital audio editing and production software
Sonic Solutions - digital audio workstations, software
Sonic Studios - portable recording mics
Sonorus - computer sound cards
Sony Professional - microphones, DAT and MiniDisc recorders, 48 track digital tape recorders, broadcast video cameras, etc.
Sound Advance Systems - planar loudspeakers for commercial and residential music, messaging, and entertainment systems
Sound Bridge Acoustic Labs - sound reinforcement loudspeakers
Sound Professionals - portable recording mics
Soundcraft - mixers
Soundmaster Group - post production hardware and software
Sound Performance Laboratories - "vitalizer" equalizers, compressors, etc.
Soundscape Digital Technology - hard disk digital audio recorders
Soundsphere - odd spherical loudspeakers
Soundtech - mixers, signal processors, amps, speaker systems
Soundtracs, Spendor - mixers, studio monitor speakers
Spatializer Audio Laboratories - "surround" audio via 2 loudspeakers
Spectral Inc. - digital audio hardware and software (PC based)
Speck Electronics - mixers and equalizers
Spirit - mixers by Soundcraft
Sprague Magnetics - manufacturing and relapping of Magnetic Heads
Stage Accompany - amplifiers, loudspeakers (UK)
Stage Research - "SFX", software for audio & show control
Stage Tec - electronic equipment for audio distribution, conversion and processing
StageTech Developments, AB - CD glass mastering and production equipment
Stanford Research Systems - spectrum analyzers
Stedman - microphones
Steinberg - sequencer software, etc.
Steinberg North America - sequencer software, etc.
Studer GMBH - analog and digital tape recorders, electronics, mixers, etc.
Studio Audio - Sadie DAW software
Studio Suite - studio management software
Studiomaster - mixers
Summit Audio Inc. - microphone pre-amps and signal processing
Sunpower/AEI Electech Corp - PC type power supplies
Superior Magnetics Ltd. - magnetic materials and shielding
Surgex - series mode surge suppressors and power conditioners
Svetlana Electron Devices - vacuum tubes/valves
Switchcraft - audio connectors and cable assemblies
Symbolic Sound Corporation - hardware and software for computer-based digital audio
Symetrix Audio - digital and analog signal processors and electronics
Syntaur Productions - sounds and accessories for Ensoniq keyboards
Systems Development Group - room acoustics control products
TAD Pioneer - loudspeaker components
Tannoy - studio monitors
Tapematic - equipment for tape and CD replication
Tascam - analog and digital recorders, mixers, electronics
Taytrix - studio furniture, gobos, patch bays and cables
TB Systems - MIDI, automation and control software for recording and sound reinforcement
TC Electronic - digital audio processors (reverbs, comp/limiters, etc.)
TDK Electronics - analog and digital storage media
TDM Design Inc - pro audio crossovers and equalizers
Technomad - all-weather loudspeakers
Technical Projects, Inc. - intercom systems
Tekniche Inc. - signal conversion and interfacing products for broadcasters, etc.
Tektronix - test equipment for audio and video (oscilloscopes, etc.)
Telecast Fiber Systems
Telex Communications, Inc. - tape duplicators, headphones, headphone distribution systems, wireless microphones
Telos Systems - portable broadcast equipment & telephone interfaces
THAT Corp. - VCA chips
Thunder Ridge - professional loudspeakers
THX - film sound playback standards
TOA Digital - digital mixing systems
TOA Electronics -loudspeakers, electronics
Tobey's Tunes - production music
Tomcat Staging - support systems
Transamerica Audio Group - distributes Drawmer, SoundField and Brauner in the USA.
Trantec - radio microphones
Trident - mixing consoles
Tripp-Lite - AC power conditioning equipment
Troisi Digital Companion - A/D and D/A converters
True Audio - loudspeaker design software
Turtle Beach - computer sound cards and software
Turbosound - loudspeakers for sound reinforcement
Tyler Guitars
Ultrak, Inc. - BST products for DJ's, studio use, etc.
Universal Switching Corporation - audio and video switching and distribution equipment
Uptown Automation - moving fader console automation systems
Valcom, Inc. - ISDN codecs
Vega - wireless microphones
Verity Systems - CD and DVD duplicators, printers and packaging machines
Victor Company of Japan (JVC)
Viking Electronics - telephone/audio interfaces
Voyetra Technologies - PC digital audio
Washburn - musical instruments, soundtech audio equipment
Waves - digital audio software
Weiss - digital equipment for audio mastering
Westlake Audio - studio monitors
Whirlwind - audio cables and snakes, D.I.'s, mic splitters, accessories
Whisper Room, Inc. - sound isolation enclosures
White Instruments - equalizers, digital signal processors
Wireworks Corporation - audio and video cabling systems and components, mic splitters, cable testers, etc.
Xing Technologies - software for MPEG encoding
XTA - analog and digital signal processors for contractors, PA systems, etc
Yamaha - studio and sound reinforcement loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers, digital audio processors, microphones, musical instruments....
Yorkville Sound - sound reinforcement loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers
Zaxcom Audio - hard disk audio and video recorders for field use (film prod., etc.)
Zeck Audio - German pro audio manufacturer
Zefiro Acoustics - computer sound cards, A/D converter w/mic pre
Zero International, Inc. - soundproof doors and hardware
Zoom - effects boxes
Z-Systems - sample rate converters, digital audio processors
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