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SoundMan-Assistant software turns a Windows computer into an AudioBox™ AB64

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SoundMan-Assistant software turns a Windows computer into an AudioBox AB64
AudioBox AB64 Theatre Sound Design Specifications
AudioBox AB64 Show Control Specifications
Free SoundMan-Assistant SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD
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Free Macintosh Theatre Sound Design & Show Control Software for SoundMan-Assistant/SoundMan-Server
MotorMix and MotorMan for SoundMan-Assistant
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SoundMan-Designer : Free Windows Theatre Sound Design & Show Control GUI for SoundMan-Assistant/SoundMan-Server

"SoundMan couldn't be better, taking all that I could throw at it! 'Freaking fantastic' is all I can say, thank you very much!"
- Paul Gregory, Sound Designer, Manchester Library Theatre

"We have been using AudioBoxes in our theatres for many years and now the reduced cost of SoundMan allows us to run sound in the rehearsal studios exactly like it has been onstage. We are now very excited to have this new software which is even more flexible and powerful!"
- Vidar F Eggen, Head of Sound, Det Norske Teatret, Norway

"SoundMan FINALLY puts the power of an AudioBox AB64 into the hands of organizations both large and small in an affordable, scalable package!"
- Carl Underwood, Lighting and Sound Designer

"Using off-the-shelf hardware, SoundMan is an affordable, scaleable, easily upgradeable entry to the possibilities of Audio Engine Software."
- Bruce Ellman, Sound Designer and adjunct faculty member of the New York City College of Technology

Legacy software for compatibility with ABEdit and ABShowMaker show files, not recommended for new designs which should use Show Cue Systems' SCS11 with SoundMan-Server support

You can program and control audio and show control in extremely powerful and flexible ways. Offline programming is easy with ABShowMaker or SoundMan-Designer which is the same type of industry standard software as ABEdit which is used with the AudioBox AB64.

SoundMan-Designer allows you to create an unlimited number of shows and cues (comprised of MIDI sequences, which can also be captured in real time and saved). It includes SoundMan-Assistant, which is a MIDI sequencer and show controller with up to 127 cue lists, of which as many as 32 lists can be open simultaneously, plus a time code generator.

It is fully programmable and controls SoundMan-Server, which plays backs any number of audio selections. Without a license dongle, SoundMan-Server runs in free/demo/offline mode.

Demo mode provides up to four fully functional audio playback tracks and a 4 x 2 matrix. It also has two live input channels with programmable processing facilities feeding a programmable 2 x 2 matrix that feeds two live programmable output channels with full processing facilities. At the same time, all other channels are in an emulation mode which accurately emulates a full size licensed system but outputs no audio.

The licensed version plays back on up to 64 fully functional audio tracks and has 64 live input channels and 64 live outputs and a full 64x64 matrix.

The programmable processing facilities in each live input and output channel include:

  • programmable level control with automatic fades (AutoPan™), also at each crosspoint
  • up to 7 bands of parametric EQ
  • up to 7 seconds of audio delay, also available at each crosspoint
  • mute
  • solo

SoundMan-Assistant supports the CMLabs MotorMan/MotorMix moving fader HUI physical control panel. As well, it can be easily controlled with simple contact closures such as switches, relays and PLC outputs using a standard contact-to-MIDI interface. Also, the built in hotkeys can be programmed and assigned to any kind of incoming MIDI command.

The following links concern the programming and use of SoundMan-Designer:

Richard Ingraham's "Helper" articles

David Hudgins' helpful FAQ page

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