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Richard Ingraham's "ABEdit (SoundMan-Designer) Helper" articles

David Hudgins' ABEdit (SoundMan-Designer) FAQ page


SECTION TITLE Summary - Legacy software for compatibility with ABEdit and ABShowMaker show files, not recommended for new designs which should use Show Cue Systems' SCS11 with SoundMan-Server support
SoundMan-Designer full download Programs every function and all possible setups
Captures MIDI and creates and edits shows
Up/downloads shows and audio selections
Organizes multiple projects on multiple SoundMan-Server servers
Updates and archives all project files on multiple host SoundMan-Server servers
Real time control of all audio and show functions
Live display and monitoring of all audio and show functions and SoundMan-Server status
Contents Window Directory listings of all selections and shows in SoundMan-Server and an interactive interface for updating and manipulating them
Crosspoint Window A user interface for all crosspoint controls
EQ and Delay Windows A user interface for all EQ and Delay functions and controls
Input Window A live and programming user interface for all input controls and functions
Output Window A live and programming user interface for all output controls and functions
Playback Window A live and programming user interface for all playback controls and functions
Show Control Window A live and programming interface for all SoundMan-Server Show Control functions
Displays the status of the show running in SoundMan-Server and provides a user interface with which to control it
Show Editor Window An offline editor of shows in SoundMan-Server, with the ability to selectively capture and send messages and cues live
Snapshot Window Creates snapshot templates and chooses controls to capture during a snapshot
Snapshots of control settings are taken and inserted into cues in the Show Editor
VU Meter and Status Windows Live VU Meter display of all input and output levels
Status window displays diagnostics for monitoring and trouble shooting
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